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AFWERX Fusion 2020

Earlier this spring, AFWERX, the U.S. Air Force’s innovation catalyst, set its sights on a herculean undertaking—help rebuild the hurricane-ravaged Tyndall AFB and bring the base of the future to life. In association with Tyndall AFB Project Management Office stakeholders and other Department of Defense entities, AFWERX launched the Base of the Future Challenges. The initiative consists of six challenges, each focused on separate topics aimed to attract innovative solutions to help restore Tyndall AFB and modernize installations worldwide.

  • Base Security and Defense
  • Installation Resilience
  • Leveraging Technology for Operational Effectiveness
  • Enabling Technologies for Reverse Engineering and Additive / Agile Manufacturing
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Empowering Airman and Family Wellbeing

The Base of the Future Challenges solicited a record-breaking 1,500+ solution proposals. U.S. Air Force evaluators selected the top 370 solutions to advance to this Showcase. They will have the opportunity for private pitches to the government and a public showcase to all Fusion attendees.

There will be an opportunity to meet live with the teams involved in the showcase via a live ZOOM link during the designated times of:

  • 1100-1200, 1600-1700 EDT July 28
  • 1100-1200, 1600-1700 EDT July 29
  • 1100-1200 EDT July 30

Outside of the live sessions, the showcase site can be used by attendees to scout the various exhibitors, so when the event goes live, the attendees know which booths they would like to visit. When visiting a virtual booth, you can read about the team’s solution, watch a team’s promotional video, look at their brochures, and even email them for additional follow up.

You can get back to the main AFWERX Fusion site by clicking the menu bar on the top right of the screen and selecting “AFWERXfusion.com".  Fusion is a highly interactive live-streamed online event jam-packed with inspiring keynote speakers, daily workshops, entertainment, networking opportunities, and this showcase is a key element of the event.

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Base Security and Defense

Solutions to: enhance securing and defense of a baseVisit Challenge Booths

Culture of Innovation

Solutions to: strengthen and perpetuate a culture of innovationVisit Challenge Booths

Empowering Airman and Family Wellbeing

Solutions to: increase the wellbeing of our Airmen and their familiesVisit Challenge Booths

Enabling Technologies for Reverse Engineering and Additive / Agile Manufacturing

Solutions to: reverse engineer obsolete legacy parts through additive and agile manufacturingVisit Challenge Booths

Installation Resilience

Solutions to: improve the resiliency of bases to natural disasters and supply shortages with minimal loss of power, structure, and operations. Visit Challenge Booths

Leveraging Technology for Operational Effectiveness

Solutions to: leverage advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness Visit Challenge Booths

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