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Contact Name: Terri Quick

Company Phone: 937-707-9638

Company Website: http://www.elbitamerica.com

Who are we:

The ONYX Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) uses commercial optical fiber to detect, locate, track, & identify intruders, vehicles, surface watercraft, machinery & gunfire. One ONYX secures 100km of perimeter, comes in a 3U form factor, communicates over 3G or better & requires less than <100W power. ONYX is the only quantitative DAS on market w/greatly improved detection & significantly lower nuisance alarm rates over legacy DAS. Our Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Accelerator classifies acoustic signatures to differentiate targets. ONYX is easily integrated into broader protection solutions such as a Common Operating Picture solution for a comprehensive approach to perimeter security. ONYX is currently deployed on the US border.


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